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Monday, April 08, 2013

The Real Unknown Comic- Murray Langston

Murray Langston owned a popular comedy club that all the stars would appear at and the club went bankrupt.  So someone suggested that Murray go on the Gong Show to make a quick amount of money.  But he didn't really have an act.  So he decided to put a bag over his head so that people wouldn't know it was him, and got onstage and started insulting Chuck Barris with some one liners and people loved him.
He became an overnight success.  He was hired in LasVegas for 15K a week and still didn't have an act.  So he hired a band and called them the Brown Baggers and had some girls that danced called the Baggettes.  They would play for a half hour, then Murray would come out an do a few minutes of one liners and just kept building his repertoire of jokes. Eventually he had enough material to finally take his show on the road.

Murray was headlining at Seekers Comedy Club in Scottsdale when I first shot him for my TV show.  The second time he appeared he was headlining at Knuckleheads in Phoenix, AZ.  He has always been one of my favorite comedians.

Interview with the Unknown Comic
Murray Langston - the Unknown Comic - Unbagged
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