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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rob Halford on Backstage Pass in Arizona

Rob Halford 1985 Interview 

The first time Rob Halford(lead singer of Judas Priest) came to be interviewed for Backstage Pass, he was hanging out with the band Surgical Steel.  They were trying to get a record deal and had just finished a movie, Thunder Alley.  When I found out that he was in the studio I asked if we could get an interview. Since my co-host, Cindi Garrett, knew all there was to know about Judas Priest, she was the logical choice to do the interview.

Years later Jim Keeler and Rob Halford were in publishing business together-a weekly entertainment magazine called Where It's Hot.  They came down to the studio to do a commercial and interview to promote their project and this was the next time Rob was on Backstage Pass in Arizona.  This was shortly after he had appeared in congress to refute the claims that heavy metal was a bad influence on the youth because of their lyrics.  
Classic Rob Halford Interview With Surgical Steel 

   Classic Rob Halford- Interview In Depth

If you like heavy metal music, Sugical Steel, and Judas Priest, I think you will enjoy the videos that I have of posted on YouTube.  Please check out the links below.
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Surgical Steel
Rob Halford (Judas Priest) Commercials

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Roseanne Barr: First TV Interview 1984

Roaseanne Barr: First TV Interview 1984

Long before Roseanne appeared on The Tonight Show - she appeared as a headliner at Seekers Comedy Club in Scottsdale, AZ.  I shot an interview with her at United Cable Television and was going to insert excerpts from her performance into the interview.  But unfortunately the machine ate the tape, so I only had a very short emergency backup tape.  As fate would have it the best part of her act was destroyed.  However the interview has survived as well as a short tape of her performance, and it is probably one of the first known tapes of Roseanne.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Male Dancer Documentary 1992

One day while I was getting ready to shoot my show, there was a Bachelorette party going on at the club.  My show was starting at 9pm when the party was to be finished.  The ladies in my crew wanted to shoot the Girl's Night Out.  I wasn't interested, but told them they could go ahead and shoot it while I went upstairs and waited for the party to finish up.  Afterwards I edited the show and aired it on Backstage Pass in Arizona and it ended up being very popular.

After meeting the guys in the Men of US Male, they asked if we could shoot a documentary.  I was getting ready to go on a trip to Europe and thought this might be a good show to take there and market.  Unfortunately it didn't sell in the European market, although they produced their own show copying the same concept.

Now on YouTube the videos that I produced from the original show as well as the documentary are still very popular even 20 years later. 

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Comedian: Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill was known as the only Native American Indian comic at the time he appeared on Evening of Laughs and later on Backstage Pass and Backstage in Arizona.  He was very popular in Los Angeles and played the part of the spiritual friend, Tommie Lighthorse on the series, The Bionic Woman.

When I first met Charlie I was doing promotions at Chuckles Comedy Club.  He came to town with a large entourage of family and he was feeling under the weather.  I gave him some herbs that cured him, and after that we became friends.

                                                  Charlie and me live on TV

Vic Dunlop, me, Charlie Hill, Joe Corcoran 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jason Newsted with Flotsam and Jetsam- Live 1985


This was the opening song for this thrash metal band circa 1985. Still performing with famous bass player from Metallica, Jason Newsted, the band played several songs.  This performance is one of my most requested videos from the loyal Flotsam and Jetsam and Jason Newsted fans-  I hope you enjoy the show, and come watch all the other Flotsam and Jetsam videos on my YouTube channels.  Joel


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


German Underground Bunkers on the Siegfried Line

Always interested in German history because of my Grandparents - I visited the museum for the German Underground.  The story that I have been told is that my Grandfather was commander of the 1st Bavarian Infantry at the battle of Verdun during WWI and was credited for holding off the allied advance for several weeks while the German's withdrew to safety to the Siegfried Line.  He received the Iron Cross first class and other honors from the Kaiser, and under his command was a lance corporal, Adolph Hitler.

This video of the Siegfried Line Monument in Germany on the French border is extremely popular on YouTube.  I shot this at the museum -which uses the motto "The value of the unpleasant as a memorial", to help stop the spread of radical fascist propaganda.

Most of the video is in German, but it gives the viewer an idea of what the Nazi bunkers were like during WWII.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Joel Samuel Presents the Worlds Best Ventriloquist - Dan Horn -1984

Clearly my most watched and favorite video on YouTube is of Dan Horn, one of the world's best ventriloquists.  Dan came onto the entertainment scene before Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator.  Dan was a cast member of the longest running children's television show produced in Arizona called Wallace and Ladmo.

Dan was a real friend of the show and performed several times on Backstage Pass and Backstage in Arizona.  This video was taken from his nightclub act and was not presented for young viewers because the puppet Orson was a favorite on children's television in Arizona.

An interesting story behind the scenes is that I had asked Dan to perform on my series Backstage in Arizona.  I had bought prime time airing which was 7 pm on all the local cable channels in the valley (Phoenix).
Dan had a good act that included a bit of "blue" material with his puppet Orson.

When Dan showed up at work the next day to tape the next episode of Wallace and Ladmo, Wallace asked him if he had been on TV last night doing his adult nightclub act?  Dan got really nervous and said that he didn't know, but maybe?  (He had no idea when the program was due to be aired).  Wallace said, - Well, Chuck Alvey (program director of KPHO) wants to see you and there's a rumor that you are getting fired.
Apprehensively, Dan walked down the hall to Chuck's office.  He told me that it was the longest walk of his life.  Just as he put his hand on the door nob Wallace yelled, "just kidding, Dan".

Eventually this helped propel Dan into a headline nightclub career, appearing on TV, and receiving awards for his ventriloquism act.

Nowadays Dan can be found performing on cruise ships and on his own channel on YouTube.
Hope you enjoy the show!  Joel
                                     Dan and me Posing onstage for Storer Cable TV Comedy Hour