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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Male Dancer Documentary 1992

One day while I was getting ready to shoot my show, there was a Bachelorette party going on at the club.  My show was starting at 9pm when the party was to be finished.  The ladies in my crew wanted to shoot the Girl's Night Out.  I wasn't interested, but told them they could go ahead and shoot it while I went upstairs and waited for the party to finish up.  Afterwards I edited the show and aired it on Backstage Pass in Arizona and it ended up being very popular.

After meeting the guys in the Men of US Male, they asked if we could shoot a documentary.  I was getting ready to go on a trip to Europe and thought this might be a good show to take there and market.  Unfortunately it didn't sell in the European market, although they produced their own show copying the same concept.

Now on YouTube the videos that I produced from the original show as well as the documentary are still very popular even 20 years later. 

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