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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rob Halford on Backstage Pass in Arizona

Rob Halford 1985 Interview 

The first time Rob Halford(lead singer of Judas Priest) came to be interviewed for Backstage Pass, he was hanging out with the band Surgical Steel.  They were trying to get a record deal and had just finished a movie, Thunder Alley.  When I found out that he was in the studio I asked if we could get an interview. Since my co-host, Cindi Garrett, knew all there was to know about Judas Priest, she was the logical choice to do the interview.

Years later Jim Keeler and Rob Halford were in publishing business together-a weekly entertainment magazine called Where It's Hot.  They came down to the studio to do a commercial and interview to promote their project and this was the next time Rob was on Backstage Pass in Arizona.  This was shortly after he had appeared in congress to refute the claims that heavy metal was a bad influence on the youth because of their lyrics.  
Classic Rob Halford Interview With Surgical Steel 

   Classic Rob Halford- Interview In Depth

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