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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


German Underground Bunkers on the Siegfried Line

Always interested in German history because of my Grandparents - I visited the museum for the German Underground.  The story that I have been told is that my Grandfather was commander of the 1st Bavarian Infantry at the battle of Verdun during WWI and was credited for holding off the allied advance for several weeks while the German's withdrew to safety to the Siegfried Line.  He received the Iron Cross first class and other honors from the Kaiser, and under his command was a lance corporal, Adolph Hitler.

This video of the Siegfried Line Monument in Germany on the French border is extremely popular on YouTube.  I shot this at the museum -which uses the motto "The value of the unpleasant as a memorial", to help stop the spread of radical fascist propaganda.

Most of the video is in German, but it gives the viewer an idea of what the Nazi bunkers were like during WWII.


Mi2hun nxtgen said...

Wow it was cool i was too shocked by seeing such a place the bunker of germans

Mi2hun nxtgen said...

I am too intrested in worldwar stuffs gud job joel i luv it